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For over twenty five years Summit Pools & Spas has been owned and operated by Robert Dawson, (California Contractor’s License #: 346032). We’ve built over a thousand custom pools, in all shapes, sizes and styles. We strive to build the best pools available and have the experience and expertise to turn your dream into reality, on time, and on budget!

A reflection of you.

Your new pool should reflect your taste and lifestyle. We work closely with you to design a truly custom pool that meets your personal tastes, desires and budget.

Unmatched quality

All of our pools feature a host of options and features refined over 25 years of building custom pools. Features other pool companies consider options are incorporated into our “basic pool” maximizing your enjoyment & comfort while saving you money and maintenance hassles. Our pools incorporate the latest technology making them easier to maintain and energy efficient.

Make it happen

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Swimming pools are a common addition to homes across the world. Swimming pools offer the owner a decision to add price to their home and create an haven in pretty own garden .

Swimming is the most fun activity that you’ll be able to do during the summer time to escape the blazing heat. Furthermore it provides fitness to the body from that additional and lots of individuals have gotten drawn towards it.

When deciding to build a swimming pool, there are two major choices that can be found. The primary is to rent a bunch to take care of the whole method, which involves assessing the land, excavating the desired soil, building or acquiring the particular pool, putting in it fully and guaranteeing that going barefoot and all the equipment works as could have. While this selection is mostly the maximum problem free, as soon after the initial involvement and selections made by the owner, all of the work needed is disbursed by the corporate, it’s also by too much the pricey option. Bear in mind that professional contractors offer the best technique creating a share.

The second possibility end up being to make and mount a swimming pool yourself. Much easier a lot more intensive labor and often complicated means of building a pool, it’s becoming more but more fashionable because of the money benefits – once the pool been recently bought, the only other expenses concerned is that the hiring of machinery and equipment to create the required area for the pool always be put in into.

The region construction is ideally suitable to the individual that enjoys Do it yourself (DIY) close to your house. However even a dedicated DIY person encompasses an established limit to certain building skills. Any portion of the construction that the person feels needs expertise leaves him the option to either contact his local pool dealer or an overall engineer for help .

When may be the simplest time to build a swimming pool?

Anytime could be a great time for build a swimming pool, however obviously most people assume Spring or Summer season is the best time construct. I assume the autumn is a great time to establish a swimming pool since you’re then guaranteed a full season till next spring, plus there are much less delays thinking about weather is definitely more predictable along with the town building inspectors are less occupied for needed inspections. Plus on arrival of Spring time you could do your landscape without the contractor employees in the yard. Increasing your contractors been known to dig pools in snowy weather in order to induce a head set out to ensure a single season for our customers. End up being much nicer to be enjoying nice weather discover water with your pool than to observe it being put together. So anytime as well as Fall or Winter may become good a person to begin great deal higher swimming stream.

What over time financially cost to construct a pool?

Most range from $20,000 to $40,000 assaulted projects will vary in value from 8%-12% of the need for your home. This worth range will embody the swimming pool, patio, electrical work and fencing . The ultimate cost depends on aspects. For example, what size will the pool be? May be the proper execution of the pool? Just how many features will one long? Conjointly, landscaping costs can climb to important amounts. The final cost is sometimes worth it because a well-done Swimming Pool Santa Barbara can bring years of ale and increase the value of the home.

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